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Downloading the App

We use the Avenza Maps app to display our maps on your smartphone. Why? Because Avenza Systems Inc has been the premiere GIS and cartographic software developer for decades. They are a key third-party developer for Adobe Systems and a trusted name in the industry. Other notable companies such as National Geographic, Dept. of Forestry, US Army Cops of Engineers, New York Times and Time Magazine also use their app. To date, Map the Xperience has over 5,000 maps downloads using the Avenza app. You can also visit our Map the Xperence digital products on the Avenza site https://www.avenzamaps.com/vendor/422/map-the-xperience

Once you download our map and the Avenza Map app, the downloaded map can be used offline on your smartphone or tablet. Your device’s built-in GPS will track your location on the map, even without signal. Our mobile maps work without cell phone or internet coverage. The app will also allow you to:

  • Track your position in real-time.
  • Drop pins, add notes, plot photos.
  • Mark your favorite fishing holes, campsites, hunting spots, vistas, etc...
  • Record your personal GPS Tracks
  • Share your data with friends.

How to download on your Smartphone (Iphone, Android, Google)

  • Search Avenza in your Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  • Once app is installed, open and click on maps tab, then + sign.
  • Click QR Code Reader Icon. Scan QR Code to get map on your mobile device.

For additional help, view our YouTube tutorial:

Map Features (features may vary on different maps)

  • Public/Private Land Designation
  • Parking locations
  • Boat Put Ins / Takeouts
  • Campgrounds
  • Fishing Access
  • Forest Service Land
  • BLM Lands
  • Restroom Facillities
  • River Mile Markers
  • Hatch Charts
  • Rapids