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We work with federal and state governmental agencies along with various outdoor recreation related businesses, groups and nonprofits.

Our specialty is creating highly detailed, informative, GPS accurate and scalable outdoor recreation maps for fishing, hunting, hiking, mountain biking, rafting, and other outdoor pursuits.

In creating maps we strive for perfection and work in tandem with our clients to develop the best, most informative and visually appealing maps.

Whether it be a map of a river, hiking trail system, waterway, or park, our goal is to develop an end product that our clients will love, but more importantly, that the end users will find both informative and one they will download and interact with forever on their smart phones and tablets.

Maps are digital GPS accurate and scalable. Once a map is completed in a digital format, it can be printed on either 48”x 48” tin/metal signs, 48” x 36” tin/metal signs, on a 15” x 11” pocket fold out map, on our proprietary micro fiber cloth (a.k.a. Handy Map) or on our X Fiber Multifaceted Tubular Bandana.


We will conduct a video conference or phone call with your leadership team to define goals of a proposed map project along with acquiring our initial research and development information. Typically this is one meeting of an hour to two hours. There is no charge for this meeting.

We then take the information compiled from the initial meeting and design a proposal. We then email the proposal to the prospective stakeholders and from there communicate via phone and or email to refine the proposal into a working agreement. If further meetings are required we schedule accordingly. Once a proposal agreement is reached we complete and email for approval and signing. Upon proposal signing, we commence work. We require a 50% deposit to begin map design work with balance due upon map delivery.

During the map design process we will email PDF maps for review and may have questions for the client during this process. We ask that our clients actively stay engaged with us during the design process and give feedback, comments and suggestions. It is during the map design process that clients are able to add to, subtract to, or modify the map and its contents.

Once a map has been completed, we send the final version for review and approval along with an acknowledgement form for the client to sign off prior to going to print on signs, paper maps, digital mobile maps, microfiber cloths, tubular bandanas, or any other product that the map may be used for including websites.

Upon submission of final map proof acknowledgement agreement, the map will now be ready for print. Once a map goes to print it is not able to be changed with the exception of the digital mobile map that can be updated at any time.


Digital GPS maps are used in a variety of applications. Our clients typically design a map with the outdoor recreationist in mind. Maps can be topographic or 3D hillshade relief. Information frequently included on maps is:

  • Topography and topographic lines
  • Hiking or Mountain Bike Trails
  • Trail difficulty using the standard (Green, Blue, Black) designation
  • Trailheads and trail access points
  • Horse Trails
  • Jeep Trails
  • Primary and Secondary Roads
  • Campgrounds
  • Parking locations
  • Picnic Areas
  • Information areas and kiosk locations
  • Ranger stations
  • Rivers, water trails, creeks, lakes
  • Boater put in and take outs
  • Rapid locations and difficulty ratings
  • Federal Lands (Forest Service, BLM, Tribal Lands, ect.)
  • State Lands and Trust Lands
  • Public/Private Land Designation
  • Fishermen Access Areas
  • Restroom locations
  • Store locations
And more…..

Signs are printed on lightweight tin/aluminum, are economical and perfect for outdoor use. Clients typically build a wooden frame to surround or place the metal sign(s) into and then bolt the signs in to the frame.

All the maps we create are digital GPS accurate and can be downloaded and used in the free Avenza PDF Map App. Once a digital GPS map is completed we upload the mobile map to our Avenza store where it can be purchased and download by any Avenza PDF Map App end user. Map the Xperience currently has over 1200 digital GPS Mobile maps available for download and use in the Avenza PDF Map App. Our digital GPS maps were downloaded over 30,000 times in 2017.

On each metal outdoor sign, Map the Xperience provides a QR code to the respective map. A prospective end user simply downloads the free Avenza PDF Map App and then uses the built in QR code reader in the app to scan and download the digital version of the sign/map on to their smartphone or tablet. Once the map is installed the end user can open the map and will see a blue GPS dot marking their location. They can now navigate the map using the internal GPS on their smartphone to the desired destination. Most clients choose to provide the download as a free map used in conjunction with the metal signs.

Some clients also choose to compliment the sign and digital mobile map with a 15 x 11” paper pocket fold out map. These can be sold at retail locations or given away for free. If free, a waterproof plastic dispenser can be attached to the sign(s) and stocked with the paper maps.

Another option is to print the map on our proprietary micro fiber cloth. Our microfiber cloth also known as The Handy Map is an 18.5” square double sided dye sublimation printed multifaceted cloth. The Handy Map is the world’s finest micro fiber used to clean sunglasses, eyeglasses, glass of any kind, cell phones, computer screens, tablets, camera lenses, binocular lenses and more. This is the finest microfiber cloth available and is currently sold in 16 national parks and hundreds of specialty retailers.

Our final product is the X Guard Tubular Bandana which can be worn 12 different ways and is 20” high x 11.5” round.


Clients include federal, state and local municipalities, national parks, state parks and various outdoor recreation groups.

Outdoor digital GPS maps and signs provide recreation visitors and users with a plethora of valuable information available at entrances, access areas, parking locations, hiking and biking trailheads to name a few.

In addition to valuable map and location information, clients are able to provide safety regulations, safety tips, park regulations, hours of operation, important phone numbers, emergency contact information and more.

Visitors, recreationists and guests are able to view the signs, download the digital GPS mobile map to their phones while standing at the signs (depending on cell phone availability), or take a paper map for immediate use with a download available once in a cell phone coverage area. (Remember, once the map is downloaded cell phone and internet coverage is not required for the map to function!)

Outdoor recreation maps are a valuable resource along with a potentially profitable revenue source for our clients.

As indicated above, the outdoor sign map can provide a wealth of information to the end users. The digital mobile maps are easily updated and monetized. Business card size advertisement spaces can be placed around the border of a digital mobile map. Up to 36 business card ad spaces are available, more if made smaller. Clients can supplement or entirely fund their maps by selling advertising space around the digital maps or through securing sponsors and donors.

Advertising or sponsorship/donor spots can also be offered on and around the outdoor map frame. It is the client's responsibility to secure and manage the advertising space on the outdoor map frame.

ap the Xperience will manage the digital ad space working with the client.


Upon final payment clients own the sign(s) and any complimentary product purchased at wholesale prices to include but not limited to the Handy Map Microfiber Cloths, Paper Pocket Fold Out Maps and X Guard Tubular Bandanas.

Map the Xperience retains the rights to the intellectual property used in the creation and design of the maps unless the GIS data is provided to us by the client in which case the client owns the data.

Map the Xperience will not use or resell a clients custom map but may from time to time use the intellectual property in the creation of a non competing map for other clients. If this situation arises Map the Xperience will communicate with existing clients our intentions as we want to be transparent and do nothing to interfere or ruin existing relationships.

The digital GPS mobile map is uploaded to Avenza Systems, Inc., a Toronto, Canada corporation. Map the Xperience will manage the digital map for the client. In most cases our clients choose to offer their version of the digital map for free. Map the Xperience will monitor digital downloads and provide download numbers to the client upon request or on a quarterly basis.

Map the Xperience will also manage any changes to the digital mobile map and additions, deletions or changes to the advertising spaces sold by the client.

Map the Xperience will not put our logo on a client’s version of the outdoor map design once final payment is received and the client’s account is in good standing and current. The client may include their logo on the outdoor sign and on the digital mobile map. Map the Xperience reserves the right to place our logo upon any products purchased at wholesale prices including the Handy Map Microfiber Cloths, Paper Pocket Fold Out Maps and X Guard Tubular Bandanas.


Map Development

$50 per hour (Varies upon project) We will quote development hours in proposal.

An average amount of hours to develop a map or seam existing maps is 15 to 25 hours.

Outdoor Signage

1 metal sign (48x48” or 48x36”) $750 ea.

or more metal signs $500 ea.

Digital Map Administration

$35 per hour

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Custom Digital GPS Map
Custom Digital GPS Map
Our Price: $750.00