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are the world's finest micro fiber bandana, scarf, headband, cooling towel and cleaning cloth.

Made from our proprietary X fiber, a microfiber unlike any other. X fiber is 1/1000 the size of a human hair resulting in an ultra soft, extremely durable microfiber fabric that cleans anything wet or dry, will never scratch, super comfortable to wear and has a multitude of uses including a bandana, scarf, headband, cooling towel, cleaning cloth. lenses cleaning cloth and more.

  • Wear it dry outdoors around your neck or head as a scarf or headband
  • SPF 30
  • Wear it wet around your neck or head as a cooling towel
  • Super soft silky feel and ultra comfortable
  • 22" x 22" square
  • Use it dry to clean sunglasses, eyeglasses, cell phones, tablets, glass, computer screens, camera lenses, binocular lenses, helmet face shields, rifle scopes and more
  • Use it wet to clean anything
  • Will never leave a scratch
  • Easy storage, stuff in a pocket, tie around a belt loop, does not wrinkle

We will customize any of our micro fiber apparel products just for you. Drop us an email and tell us what you would like. dan@mtxp.net