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Handy Map Micro Fiber Cloths are a multifaceted cleaning cloth, lens cloth, bandana and cooling towel all in one!

Made from our proprietary X Fiber, the world's finest micro fiber cloth! Soft as Silk!

X Fiber is a unique blend of micro fiber that cleans better then any other cloth, holds 7 times it's weight in water when wet, yet dries extremely fast when wrung out.

Carry one with you everywhere. Put it in a pocket. Tie it around a belt loop. Throw it in a Pack. Wear it around your neck.

Cleans literally anything wet or dry. Awesome for sunglasses, eyeglasses, cellphones, tablets, camera lenses, binocular lenses, car windows, computer screens, counter-tops, and more. Pets love them also!

Soak your Handy Map in water and wear around your head or neck to stay cool in hot weather or wear dry as a bandana to protect yourself from the all elements mother nature may throw at you.

Rated SPF 30. Never leaves a scratch!

Guaranteed for life with proper care.

X Fiber is 1/100th the diameter of a human hair. Due to the tiny fiber diameter, X Fiber when used dry picks up dust and dirt like a magnet. When wet, X Fiber holds (7) seven times it weight in water. Great for use as a cooling towel. But, what amazing is that if you wring it out, X Fiber will dry in the sun or wind in minutes. That makes our X Fiber one amazing Micro Fiber Cloth!

Map the Xperience is the leader in outdoor recreation mapping. Our maps are all Digital GPS accurate masterpieces. Fueled by our passion and love for the outdoors, our maps have been created with the outdoor recreationist in mind. Here at Map the Xperience you will find over 1200 outdoor maps for hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, mountain biking, kayaking, canoeing, rafting and skiing.

Every map works in the free
Avenza PDF Map App. Once a map is downloaded into the Avenza App they work without the need for cell phone or internet coverage! Track yourself using the built in GPS on your smartphone. When in the maps extent a GPS dot will appear showing your location. Navigate to a desired destination. Drop pins to mark locations. Create GPS tracks. NEVER GET LOST IN THE OUTDOORS!

Outdoors people
use our Handy Map Micro Fiber Cloths to protect themselves from mother natures elements, to clean their sunglasses, clean rifle scopes, as a cooling towel and to even keep dry flies dry!

Our Handy Maps are available on our
X Fiber Micro Fiber Cloth and Bandana, on paper, on our X Guard Tubular Bandana's and Facemasks and also on our lightweight micro fiber short sleeve shirts and hoodies.

Once you experience a Handy Map you will never be without one!

We can do either a custom map or your artwork on a cloth. We can also design you a custom micro fiber cloth. We have a complete design team ready to assist. Give us a call at 1-888-306-9580

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Custom Micro Fiber Cloth Bandana Custom Micro Fiber Cloth Bandana

Custom 22x22" Double Sided Micro Fiber Cloth Bandana

Our Price: $20.00