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Fish Skin River Map X Guard Face Covers are made from our revolutionary X Fiber, a microfiber unlike any other.

Fish Skin River Map X Guard Tubular Bandana's are the finest face cover, face mask, and neck gaiter money can buy. Wear your X Guard 12 different ways. It's a balaclava, face mask, face cover, head band, neck gaiter, wristband and helmet pad all in one. These X Guards feature Fish Skin Art from Raul Luevano of Vail, Colorado along with a one of our digital GPS maps of rivers located throughout the United States.

Fish Skin River Map X Guards are rated 30 to 50 spf, are super soft, breathable, ultra comfortable to wear and will protect from sun, wind, rain, snow, sleet and dust particles. Available in three weights, light, medium and heavy. X guards are 19.5 inches long and come in both adult and kids sizes. X Guards extra length allows one to bring some extra material up from below the chin to add a double layer of protection to the mouth and nose which is especially important today. And, the US Army just came out with their recommendation of microfiber for an effective face protection.

INSTRUCTIONS TO MAKE A FACE COVER: To protect your face and nose, slip X Guard over your head. Pull the top end behind your head up over the top of your head so it is snug around top of head and chin. Adjust til comfortable. We pull the top down slightly so it is slightly behind the crown of our head. Now bring some fabric up from below your chin to cover your mouth and nose. You now have a double layer of protection.

Included with these X Guards is a free digital GPS mobile map of the river which is downloadable and usable in the free Avenza PDF Map App.
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