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These are highly detailed digital GPS hunting maps for the hunting units of Nevada. Maps are digital GPS accurate, scale-able and loaded with information. These digital mobile maps are downloaded in to the free Avenza PDF Map App on your smartphone.

Once a map is installed in the Avenza PDF Map App it works without cellphone or internet coverage. Your location appears as a GPS Dot. You can now use your smartphones internal GPS to navigate to your desired location.

  • Maps include public and private land designation
  • Federal Public Lands (BLM and Forest Service)
  • State Public Lands
  • 3D Hillshade colored relief topography
  • Major Roads

Never get lost. Hunt with confidence.

Get the App, Get the Map.
Search Avenza in either your Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Install the App.


  • Drop a pin to mark your vehicle location
  • Drop pin(s) to mark meadows, water holes, wallows, etc.
  • Take photos of spots and geo-tag to specific locations for reference
  • Drop pins to mark kill locations
  • Record GPS tracks
  • Record descriptions of locations for reference
  • Use your smartphone in airplane mode
  • Turn off apps to conserve power
  • Carry a portable solar charger

Click on the link below to go to the Nevada Hunt Map search page in our store in the Avenza PDF Map App. Maps are $4.99 per download.

GET NEVADA HUNTING MAPS HERE - Once here you can search for a specific GMU unit.